Welcome to our website. In 2017 and 2018, the concrete ring that had grown in our park and blocked our enjoyment for a whole month during the previous two summers was no longer constructed. Formula E moved on, we hope to more suitable venues.

Those of us who waged our campaign and our thousands of supporters had a vocifererous and visceral reaction to this commercial spectacle in our park. The outcome of our efforts was by no means certain, and we just want to thank our supporters for the many acts of generosity and hard work that were donated to our cause. It was a very proper protest.

But we would always remind Wandsworth Council and its associates at Enable, who run the events in the park, that we will be ever vigilant. We’ve proved once that we act and act decisively, and will do again if necessary. Although the Formula E campaign is over, we meet regularly to discuss the Park and monitor any commercial threat. (Our seasonal newsletter is in the ‘News’ section.)

We will work to ensure that overly commercial powers do not again spoil our community’s ability to enjoy the magnificent open spaces in our Borough. All parks need to be saved for the people. Always.