The park was created in the middle of the nineteenth century on what had been marshland. It was first opened in 1858 with the concept of providing a rural idyll for Londoners and visitors seeking to get away from busy city life. The Old English Garden, Sub-tropical Garden and Russell Page Garden, amongst others, were all carefully planned to achieve this.

What is incredible given the relatively small area of this 200-acre park is how many atmospheres and different experiences one can discover.

IMG_1431From the Peace Pagoda to the rose gardens to the lake it offers a wonderfully green experience in every sense of the word. It also houses an events area – carefully concealed by its surroundings – that plays host to an incredible variety of events through the year, none of which really impinge on the park as a public space.

We love this park, and this organisation is all about protecting it.

Battersea Park is the cyclist powering his way to work with a true zero carbon footprint. It’s the mother taking her child to the school sports day at the Millennium Arena. It’s the old couple wandering leafy back paths remembering decades of summers here. It’s the portly middle-aged footballer in the Lionel Messi T-shirt, scoringTHE BRIDGE the winner on his field of dreams. It’s the teen in the Pump House Gallery, seeing the world anew through a striking piece of art. It’s the retriever chasing a frisbee and pirouetting crazily as she leaps in sheer joy. It’s the runner, after a depressing working week, suddenly elated as the endorphins kick in as she strides along the park’s embankment. It’s the whole priceless tableau of random people and experiences that could only happen in an unsullied green space at the heart of the world’s greatest city.