We have withdrawn our court action following an agreement being reached with Formula E. Please see the short jointly agreed statement below:-

A current action for Judicial Review is due to be heard in the High Court on 24/25 May between the claimant James Jackson and defendant Wandsworth Council with Formula E as an interested party. This action challenges the hosting of the Formula E Championship in Battersea Park.

James Jackson supported by the Battersea Park Action Group is pleased to now announce that a satisfactory agreement has been reached over the future use of Battersea Park. James Jackson will now withdraw his Judicial Review action with his costs to date being met. The Championship this year will go ahead but further consideration will be given to future years.

As required under the planning conditions for this year’s event, the park will be reinstated by Formula E to its original pre-March 2015 condition.

James Jackson feels that the settlement reached represents a favourable outcome for all parties involved given the preparations already in hand for this year’s races as well as the obligation to reinstate the park.

James Jackson said “I am delighted that a solution has been found; this is good for everyone.”


Statement ends